Frequently Asked Questions

Have additional questions? Take a look at the answers to the most frequently asked questions. If you have a question that isn't answered here, please make sure to contact us.

What does telepractice mean?

Telepractice means speech and language services being provided online through synchronous (live) instruction.

What does mobile speech therapy mean?

We are a traveling company, which means we come to you. This may mean that the therapist comes to your house or you meet us in a public area. Safety and health precautions are taken, such as hand washing, PPE, and sanitizing materials.

Where does BPST travel?

BPST's service area includes Andover, North Andover, Methuen, Haverhill, and Lawrence. In the summer months, BPST also travels to Newburyport, Salisbury, and Amesbury.

How long are therapy sessions?

A typical therapy session with BPST lasts 45 minutes; however, therapy session times are recommended based on each client’s needs.

What payment methods are accepted?

BPST is a private pay company. Cash, check, and Venmo are welcomed. Health insurance is not currently accepted. Private pay allows for different benefits when compared to insurance covering therapy.

Some reasons that private pay is beneficial:

  • Insurance companies can decide what treatments they will and will not cover
  • Insurance companies can limit the number of sessions a client can have
  • Insurance companies can require reauthorization which pauses therapy after session limits are hit